Selling Secrets: 80% of buying decisions are emotion based!

Business owners that are looking to grow their businesses..

Did you know this?

Harvard Professor says that studies show that 80% of purchasing decisions are subconscious …

And that emotion is what really drives the purchasing behaviors, and also, decision making in general. – (Gerald Zaltman, Professor of Business Administration, Havard)

Why should you care about this selling statistic?

You see, when you engage in any marketing activities for your brand..

Ask yourself this question:

How are you making your consumers feel?

Create feelings in your marketing, you do this first by understanding who your ideal customer is and what their pain points are…

The goal of your marketing is to resonate with the ideal prospect, make them feel as they would once the current situation has been solved before it has been solved!!

Here’s a tool that can help you identify your ideal customers biggest pain points so that you can help them feel how they’ll feel after using your products or services..

Download this customer avatar here, click here –


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