HowTo Get Flooded With New Customers Into Your Business By Posting Content On Social Media

The Why:

Why it is vital to create content in your business & how this same strategy has generate our clients hundreds of leads and new customers by simply creating content and boosting this content to be seen within our clients target market.

What is content?

Content is anything that your customers/clients can consume digitally online. This could be that they listen or read or watch one of your videos.


The goal is to deliver content that ads value to the lives of the people in your market place, the buyers.


Content that you create that adds value to your target market positions your brand as an authority in your space, when your potential new buyer consumes this content, they instantly establish YOU as the expert in the field.

Why is being an expert important? Well people only like to deal with experts, expert content produces value, the more value your potential new customers consume from you, the more trust is thus built, the more trust, the stronger the relationship, the stronger the relationship the higher paying customer that you will create.


The goal of your content.

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The How:

Hook -> Story -> Offer.

When creating engaging content for video or written text, you must have a format such as Hook (to capture their attention), a Story (to resonate with the person who needs your service) and an offer ( to convert this person into a lead / new client).


How does it work?


Hook = Question to capture a person and their pain. Ex “Avoid Doing This Energy Killer” / “HowTo Boost Energy Fast When Working From Home”.

Story =

The First point

you begin the video with an intro to who you are and what you do within 10 seconds, then move to this

The Second point:

Relate to them about their pain and how you solved it or solved this for a client. Stick to one pain that the customer has and one quick solution they can do to solve this pain (this could mean teaching them what is happening to them or tell them to do something/exercise, do not overwhelm them). Main point here is to resonate with the customer and add value to their life.

Offer: = Pitch a soft offer to end the video, tell them what to do next if they’d like to get help with what you are speaking of in the video. example:


Thanks for watching my quick video, if you are experiencing ___the pain___ then click the link _____tell them were to click_____ to grab our current offer _____telll them what the offer is and how it works_____.

End by reminding them again on what they should do, ______click the link and fill out the form on our website______.

(replace the missing blank sentences with your content).

Please note:

When using videos, put captions at the top of your videos to capture people’s attention, if you’re going to advertise these videos on Facebook/Instagram, ensure that the caption text on your video passes Facebook’s text size restrictions. (by captions here an example – click here ->

If creating content that will be sent via email, then no video is required.


The What:

  1. Videos: Create at least 3 or more videos. Use our 3 x 3 video grid strategy ____________________
  2. Written content: Transcribe that what you speak of in your video into a longer format of written words otherwise known as a transcript, you can this tool to automatically transcribe videos fast ____________
  3. Email content: In your emails, keep your emails short. Use the this strategy_________________
  4. The Tools: A) For placing captions on your videos select one of the tools: __________________


Here is an example of a value video (engagement video) with a Hook -> Story -> Offer. Click here.


Always keep testing the titles and offers within your content.

Hopefully this has been useful to you! So go on, what are you waiting for? Go create your hook->story->offer!!


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