You might find it hard to sell your products or services when all you do is share on your personal Facebook and end up not getting support from your closest network. Relax. This is normal. But lo and behold, we got your back!

In this blog, we have outlined 5 practical ways on how you can attract more customers to your business and increase your sales by maximizing Facebook Ads without having to pay a lot.

The 5 important elements for your Facebook Ads are as follows: (1) targeting, (2) budget, (3) metrics, (4) list building tactics and (5) launch strategies. Let’s take a look at each.

The Right Targeting

It’s a common belief among marketers that when you target everyone, you are actually targeting no one. This suggests that when you do advertising, you have to be very specific. Facebook Business clearly explains that a detailed targeting is a targeting option available in the “Audience” section of ad set creation that allows you to refine the group of people we show your ads to. You can do this with information such as additional demographics, interests and behaviors.

These detailed targeting options may be based on:

Ads they click
Pages they engage with
Activities people engage in on Facebook related to things like their device usage, and travel preferences
Demographics like age, gender and location
The mobile device they use and the speed of their network connection

The Perfect Budget

Advertising always entails budgeting. However, for a growing business like yours, it shouldn’t cost you a lot. When you create an ad from your Page, you’ll choose your creative (what the ad looks like), your audience (who you want to reach) and your budget (how much you’re willing to pay for your Facebook ad). You’ll never spend more than the budget you set.

Let’s take a look at the two types of budgets you may encounter:

Total budget: A total budget is the maximum amount you’ll spend on an ad until it stops running.

For example, if you set a total budget of USD 50, you’ll be charged up to USD 50.

Daily budget: A daily budget is the average amount you’ll spend on your ad each day.

For example, if you set a daily budget of USD 10 over the course of five days, you’ll be charged up to USD 50 total.

Facebook charges your account each time it delivers an ad to someone (even if that person doesn’t click or tap it). Constantly monitor your ad as it’s running. If it’s not getting the results you’d like, you may want to edit it or start over with a brand new ad. Better yet, you may ask our professional help for that matter.

The Right Metrics

The following are some of the most important metrics for you to look at in your Facebook Ads: Total number of Conversion rates, Frequency, Spend and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), Cost per Click (CPC) and Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost per Action. You have to be in close monitoring with these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as they speak well on your Facebook Ads Performance.

In our agency, we utilize Swydo to fastrack reporting for these KPIs. All the reporting stuff that you need comes in handy with this helpful platform. You get updates on a daily basis. That’s something that must matter to you.

Powerful List Building Tactics

As you run your Facebook Ads, you have to get the most out of it — contacts. There are numerous ways on how to build lists for your leads. We shall enumerate some. One way is by developing an email marketing plan. Create a plan for the different types of emails you’ll send out and then schedule them on a regular basis. You may even wish to create an email newsletter that goes out every month, or plan on sending a weekly update that includes links to the new content on your website.

Another powerful trick is by selecting “Lead Generation: as your campaign objective. One of the first steps to creating an ad in Facebook is choosing your campaign objective. After you click the Create button, you’ll see a few options you can choose from in a dropdown menu. Since your primary goal is building an email list, select “Lead Generation.” This ensures that the options Facebook provides as you go through the steps of creating your ads will match up with your objective of collecting email addresses from people in your target audience.

These are only two of the top list building tactics. If you want to know more, give us a call and we would be glad to share more tips with you.

The Right Launch Strategies

You can’t go wrong with launching your Facebook ads. You better keep these things in mind. First, you have to clearly define your target audience. Do this by identifying their location, age, interests, and demographics. Second, you have to pick the right type of ads. You have to be clear on whether it’s for awareness, engagement, or conversion. Finally, you should test and track your campaigns.

With these in mind, you can be sure that you will be running the right Facebook Ads the right way! If you want to learn more about getting exponential growth for your business, give us a call and we can be the best partners in marketing that works!


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